Twofold Tarot:

Beginner Deck and Oracle Cards

Twofold Tarot Beginner Deck and Oracle Cards 1st Edition is SOLD OUT!

The First Edition Twofold Tarot Beginner Deck and Oracle Cards has officially sold out and out of print.

If you missed out on the Twofold Tarot Beginner Deck and Oracle Cards 1st Edition, Good News! I am almost done with the redesign and additions for the 2nd edition. Once I am done I will be ordering at least one or two prototypes and organizing the presale campaign.

Make sure to sign up for email updates or follow me on my socials (all listed below) if you or someone you know is card-curious, new to card reading, need a refresher, have memory issues, are just not confident in your intuition or are just sick of having to stop a reading to look stuff up... And recently I have gotten quite a lot of feedback from not only seasoned readers but now multiple pros who have started using the deck with their customers to allow them to understand the reading better as well as allowing them to possibly "see" something the reader does not. It's very cool!

Response has been great, especially for the chaos of the time we have been experiencing. I am looking forward to everything that is coming to Twofold Tarot next.

A lot of needed work is going into getting the website updated and put fully together, as well as the planning & design for future decks, including the 2nd edition to for The Twofold Tarot Beginner Deck and Oracle Cards.

You can look forward to at least two more learning decks as well as a fun & insightful deck some time next year (2022).
Things are looking good and moving forward. Keep tuned. Keep sending that love and support. And don't forget to sign up for emails and follow on social media (link listed at bottom of the page) to keep up to date. Thank you!

In a time when there seems to be an infinite amount of tarot decks, and with them endless symbols & art to represent the meanings, it can be hard to learn and/or transfer the knowledge between all of the choices.

With this deck you can easily learn, refresh or read with ease.

Each card is thoughtfully hand designed with Upright & Reverse meanings of the 78 main Tarot Cards.

Clearly marked, including the corresponding chakra for the Major Arcana & the Element for Minor.

As well, the common YES, NO, or MAYBE of each is represented. This gives the choice of both the traditional in-depth insight or a quick simple yes/no question option.

In addition, the backs can be used as Oracle Cards, another great tool for connection, communication & divination.

The Tarot side can be used just like any deck depending on your reading & spread style.

For Yes/No questions, they can be used as a simple answer or along with the particular card meaning for more insight.

The Oracle side uses simple phrases or words that can help guide with a bit more direct gentleness.