2nd Edition

The 2nd Edition of the original Twofold Tarot Beginner Deck & Oracle Cards is almost ready!

With all of the chaos with shipping and the upcoming holidays. Plus the fact that I am looking into a new printer which in itself will take a little time to get it ironed out and get prototypes before making a final decision. I have decided to wait until early 2022 before launching the preorders. I want to make sure YOU get the best I can give and that means a little longer of a wait. But I promise it will be worth it!

Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

The 2nd Edition will include the same great information as the 1st Edition:

  • 4 keywords for BOTH the upright and reverse meanings

  • The Chakras of the Major Arcana

  • The Elements for the Minor Arcana

  • Common Yes/No/Maybe energies of each

But now will also include:

  • The Moon Phase of each cards

  • The main associated color of each card
    (Minors as suits, Majors individually according to The Rosy Cross-more information on this will be linked at a later date)

  • Ruling Planets of each Suit

  • Ruling Astronomical Correspondence

  • Associated Playing Card Suits for the Minor