The Basics

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What is Card Reading or Cartomancy?

Tarot, oracle cards... really any type of divination is really just our energetic selves connecting (or maybe reconnecting is a better term) to the universal energy.

We as humans, backed by science, know that everything in our universe, our reality, is composed of energy that can be neither created or destroyed. So therefore, anything that is, that came before us, or will come after us, we are literally a part of all of it and always have been and will be.

Divination, of any kind, is based on the fact that we ARE all connected to allllll of it.

Cards are just one of many tools that have been used literally all over the globe and throughout human existence to help decipher energetic meanings. The art of reading cards, otherwise known as Cartomancy, can be first traced back to the 1300's and start soon after what we know as the traditional playing cards were invented. Tarot cards with their fixed symbols and associations followed soon after.

The most important part of any type of reading, whether with tools or just natural intuition type readings, is understanding what your intuition is and trusting it.

Since we are all part of the universal energy, all of us have this natural intuition, this connection.
We just have to:

1- learn about it.

2- understand why it is reality for any & all of us.

3- start to test it for ourselves so we can build trust in it & ultimately ourselves and that universal connection.

4- continue to work on building and keeping that trust and connection. This is because intuition is very much like a muscle. It has to be used to develop and to remain strong. If you don't use it, that doesn't mean it isn't there. Just like that actual muscle that shrinks down from lack of use, it is still there, you just don't really notice it most of the time.

*Here's an awesome little exercise that helps a lot of people connect to their intuition and their cards, as well as a great way to learn each card a bit more individually.

Do single card pick a day. This doesn't mean you can't do more pulls or spreads along the day. But start your day with one card.

There are different ways to do this.

•You can shuffle and then choose the top or bottom card, or cut the deck and take one.

•You can shuffle and let one "jump" out (sometimes they can be quite quick, or they can take their sweet time)

•You can also keep it simple and just pick a card in any style; cut and take the middle top card, spread them out & pick a random one... whatever way you want.

How ever you choose to pick your card, do so and then take a couple a few moments to look it over. What grabs you about it? As with every type of generalism (definitions, keywords, etc...) take what resonates and leave what doesn't... this is where your intuition comes in to assist you.

Ask your inner-connected-self, What about it resonates with you? If you are using a regular picture deck, you can go by symbols, the "action" or movement of the illustrations, what you already know about the cards & its meanings or if you are using your intuition what does it say to you? If you are using the Twofold Tarot Beginner Deck, look at the keywords. Which ones jump out at you? Which feel like they were meant for you or the situation/world around you? How about the chakra or element? The yes/no/maybe energy?

Write it all down in a daily tarot journal and at the end of the day or week look back and see how things line up and play out

This will help build a relationship with your cards and your intuition. And allow you to learn at a nice easy pace without pressure It also will let you look back and see connections you may have missed or misunderstood at the time.

Learning and honing card reading skills will take a little time, a little practice and a little bit of trust. But it is definitely worth it. That I can promise

I am always here for any questions or guidance if needed, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Basic Directions for the Twofold Tarot Beginner Deck and Oracle Card Set

How To Use:

Twofold Tarot Beginner Deck is a multi-use set containing both a traditional tarot deck and oracle cards.

On the backs you find beautiful oracles cards inspired by intuitive creativity and the elements, textures and views of our reality, Oracle cards are an easy tool that allows for direct and gentle direction based on connection and intuition.

The Tarot side offer multiple aspects for you to draw from.

  • Names of each give general YES/NO/MAYBE energy when quick and simple guidance is needed.

  • Each card has 8(eight) key words. 4(four) representing the Upright position and 4(four) representing the Reverse meanings.

  • Keywords for the Major Arcana are color coded with the commonly associated Chakra

  • Keywords for the Minor Arcana are color coded to with the Element each suit is associated with.

Step One:

Take 3(three) deep cleansing breaths and a moment to ask the universe your specific question or for whatever message you need to know at this time.

Step Two:

There are many different ways to receive a card/s, you can shuffle, pull, cut...etc whichever you are most comfortable with will work.

Step Three:

Once you have your card/cards/spread, reflect on the words/phrase (for oracle) or keywords/associations (for tarot), what they mean to your inner self and the question/s you put forth. Let your intuition guide you and your interpretation.

It's literally that easy.