The Cards

Introducing the Twofold Tarot

Beginner Tarot Deck and Oracle Cards

Whether you are just learning, getting back into it, card-curious, don't have the best memory or are even a seasoned reader this unique multi use card set offers multiple ways to read, be it oracle or tarot, as well as showing various associations with each tarot card all at a glance allowing anyone at any level to read with ease.

A real life issue that brought this deck to concept was the frustration and annoyance that comes with having to stop the flow of a reading, to search for the meaning or interpretation in a book, an app or online. We have all been there at some point no matter the level of the reader. A new deck, a new booklet.

Nowadays there are so many decks, art work, fluid symbols, artists, interpretations, books, individual symbolism... and with so many choices it can be really intimidating and overwhelming to anyone interested in the art of card reading.

One of the biggest factors that led to creating this deck is the need for a tool that can help anyone learn the essence of each card and then bring that knowledge over to whatever deck and art work they are drawn to. Plus it helps to hone the intuitive intuition that we all have naturally.

This simple and beautiful learning tarot deck which is basically a set of usable mystical flash cards in the simplest terms AND an oracle card set, would also be great for tarot teachers and students alike.

Every Twofold Tarot Beginners Deck and Oracle Card set ordered is produced and made with love, good intentions, reiki energy and a dash of sass.

  • 78 Tarot Deck/Oracle Card Set

  • 2 Introduction/Key Cards

  • Cards measure 2.75" x 4.75"

  • 330gsm superior smooth card stock with black core

  • Gloss UV coat finish helps to protect the cards and also adds a nice shine to each card that allows for smooth and easy shuffling

  • Tuck Box

  • Wax Sealed (Hand Stamped)

Please note:These are just the general and commonly used attributes mostly following the RWS system but not exclusively.There can be, and are, much deeper & separate meanings/interpretations, including middle ground aspect, for all of it.However, comprehensive research was done in books, online, as well as with other readers & intuitives to come up with the very basics.MOST importantly, remember it is really about connection and intuition.