I am Empathic Li Intuitive
(pronounced: Em
-path-ic- LEE- IN-tu-i-tive)
Creeping Gratefully & Gracefully into Cronehood
Artist, Intuitive, Empath, Mother of Twofold Tarot

More about who I am coming soon...

🔮 4 Fundamentals of Twofold Tarot 🔮

🌙 Everyone has the natural intuitive ability to read cards. This is based on the scientific fact that we,
and everything in our reality is made up of energy, which can be neither created nor destroyed.
Meaning all that was, all that is and all that will be is literally connected by that universal energy.

All you have to do is learn how to decipher, develop, hone, strengthen and maintain
your natural intuition by practicing & building trust within yourself and with the universe.

⭐ Basic information being directly on the cards,
eliminates the need to stop the flow of a reading to check references
whether that be books, apps or somewhere online.

🌿 These days many oracle card and tarot deck guidebooks are based purely
on the artists or authors own intuitive interpretation.
Even though this can be helpful, it can lead to pigeonholing meanings,
stunting your intuitive development and not allowing as much insight as is available.

As with every type of divination the set meaning is only about 40%
of the total equation for a successful connection and reading.

The other 60% is your own intuition.

🔥 Once you learn the basics you can then take what you have learned with
Twofold Tarot and transfer that to other more intricate
and/or art-based decks.