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Twofold Tarot Beginner Deck & Oracle Cards

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"I got it today and gave it to its reviewer. It's a really innovative deck! I kind of wish I hadn't already told her she could review it! I really like the way you've designed it. It's smart and it's witty and it's a joy to look at. I also like the way the oracle message aligns with the tarot message. It's great!" -Amanda, founder of Indie Deck Review

"I just got the TwoFold Tarot! I am over the moon. I didn’t expect it was going to be this awesome and so beautiful. The cardstock is very nice and it shuffles like a dream... I can’t wait to use it. The wax seal is such a nice touch." -I.Z, customer

"I absolutely love this deck. It makes it so much easier for me to feel like I’m actually reading the card or spread not just trying to interpret with a book and long winded explanations. I am truly loving the experience of reading cards again." -A.B, customer

"I just did three readings with the cards and I'm in love!" -S.F, professional cartomancer and lifelong witch

"It’s here! And it’s amazing ...The deck is glorious and I cannot wait to use it." -A.L, customer

"Communication has been aces, fulfillment has been nothing less than incredible, and my deck has not left my bedside table since I received it...I really, really love the fact that it's double sided with an oracle so I essentially got two decks for the price of one." -M.E, customer

"I just finished going through these and they are amazing! you totally outdid yourself. they are functional and beautiful. I also really like the dual tarot/oracle card usage. These are a tool that beginners will love! it really helps to just get the basics down and the more you use them the more your intuition will take over. I think they are just amazing." -M, reader/witch

"Have just looked at your cards and they are brilliant...I can sense that a lot of thought has gone into this project." - L.C, Empath

"Okay, this is one of the coolest decks I have seen. especially for those wanting to learn to read cards, both oracle and Tarot... There are so many different elements that you have pulled in, its awesome! I would totally market these to my Tarot students, I tend to work with the ones who have never used the cards before and get overwhelmed by the original decks. So I think that would be a great tool! ...if I could have had a deck like this when I was learning, it would have greatly improved my ability to recall." - B.D, Intuitive and professional Card Reader

"These are so amazing!! I love how you put everything into one happy spiritual card!!...the cards are very pretty and the explanation for each one is simple and to the point but leaves tons of room for interpretations...These would be fantastic for beginners!! I would totally recommend these to a newbie." - S.L, Reader and Medium

"What a wonderful creative concept." - D.R, Professional Reader

"I really love the idea of it and the functionality. I also loved the artwork/style of the cards themselves." - M.D, Witch

"I absolutely love them! They're great for beginners as well as experienced readers!" - C.C, Reader and Metaphysical Worker

"Twofold Tarot is a deck rich in expression and insight. after 25 years of Tarot reading- I am still reaching for a book to further explain meanings. My intuition picks the cards, yet the flow of my readings are stunted by the necessity of further explanation...I highly recommend Twofold tarot: Beginner Deck and Oracle Cards to someone just learning to hone their skills, or a veteran- wanting a deeper meaning and a concise understanding." -K.L, customer